Digital ownership makes this general process much more interesting and specific. It gives creators the power to choose those who might influence the further course of their actions according to their verified commitment to the brand or their suggested expertise. For example, a brand might want to specifically give all owners of their handbags a say about the materials used…

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TRADE: Decentralized Markets

TRIPLE P allows management, authenticate, identify, transfer and pay for items in decentralized secondarylifestyle economies. Having safe access to unique physical and digital products enables the community tobring quality craftsmanship in continuous circularity. The “End of Ownership” that McKinsey and the Business of Fashion presented as a con- sequence111 ofmindful consumerism will also lead to different outcomes than the growing…

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Digital Certificates can serve as interactive memories with a futuristic depth. Naturally, digital ownership comes with the ability to show and know if products are real and where they have come from, to attach details about warranties, insurances, or repairs, and to prevent them from being stolen through traceability. But most of all, they allow us to add new layers…

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