What is TRIPLE P?

TRIPLE P is the digital base layer for modern creative economies. It enables the lifestyle, fashion, media, and design spaces to drive innovation around the core themes of future creative work. This includes the ways in which creators coordinate with their communities and projects, engage with consumers and collaborators, automate their interactions, and trust their transactions. It redefines how assets can be managed, collections showcased, and brands experienced. It is the technological playground for creative professionals to shape emerging trends and unleash their creative force. Contemporary creatorship is powered by peer production. By opening up new access channels between socio-creative crowds, TRIPLE P’s trust architecture expands the realms of their collective work. Creators and consumers, innovators, and influencers can use it to become continuous collaborators. This expands their physical, digital, and virtual touchpoints – across all creative segments, platforms, and professions. TRIPLE P is a public and domain-specific blockchain. It leverages the novel design benefits of crypto-economics to instigate a whole new discourse around the convergence of creativity, technology, and human interaction. While the lifestyle space is made of exceptionally social groups, the TRIPLE P blockchain acts as their digital interaction layer and carries real value. As an open ecosystem, it is owned by the global community of creative shapers themselves. Thus, everyone’s talent can be leveraged, and consumer needs and desires known in real-time. This represents a seismic shift away from the traditional
model of centralized gatekeepers in the worlds of lifestyle creation and consumption. The TRIPLE P network is not confined to a predefined set of digital services. Instead, it represents a transparent, resilient, and sustainable infrastructure that enables creators to design and deploy an infinite number of innovative applications and use cases on its blockchain layer. As a neutral base layer, it operates on the principle of contingency: just like the internet itself, it will be a sustained experimentation ground also for those future scenarios that we cannot yet foresee today. Unlike the internet, the TRIPLE P network works in a more decentralized fashion, with self-sovereign identities, interoperability, and automated interactions, but without the need to trust counter-parties or to pass intermediaries. Its building blocks allow establishing new and genuine peer-to-peer creative economies. TRIPLE P is spearheading the emerging generation of domain-specific blockchains. Its setup is tailored to the particular needs of the creative fashion and lifestyle context and informed by the overarching trends that shape that context. While the nature of lifestyle will continue to evolve as it always has, this programmable platform allows its users to safely master and influence those changes. Above all, TRIPLE P invites the creative community to tap into the blue oceans of their vibrant space, in a mission to uncover the true potential of our future lifestyle system.